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This day in history of Ronaldo


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'I'm great when I score, fat when I don't' - Ronaldo

Real Madrid's Brazilian striker Ronaldo has said he cannot win in the continuing debate about whether he is overweight or not.

Having come back from a knee ligament injury just over a week ago and scored three goals in two games, Spanish media have hailed his return saying 'the king is back' and that he is thinner.

'I think it is absurd we spend so much time talking about my weight. All the tests and controls are open for everyone to see,' Ronaldo told a news conference, Spanish media reported on Friday.

'What most annoys me is the way things come out in the press. When you score goals you are great, when you don't you are fat.

'I am completely dedicated to my work and trying to improve and I'm not interested in what others say.'

Before his strike against Athletic Bilbao last weekend, and two more versus Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League on Wednesday, Ronaldo had only managed one goal this season.

The 30-year-old has had limited opportunities to shine following knee surgery after the World Cup and then suffering twisted knee ligaments in the King's Cup last month.

Real coach Fabio Capello, who has preferred Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy up front, has cited the Brazilian's need to lose weight as one of the reasons he has not used him.

08.12.2006 22:09 +0300

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