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This day in history of Ronaldo


Ярцев не дал пять очков Роналдо


Mãe de Robinho é libertada após 40 dias de sequestro

Uefa define oitavas da Liga dos Campeões

Ronaldo é vetado para jogo do Real Madrid

Sem Ronaldo, Real Madrid enfrenta o Racing



Real Madrid-Juventus: Todos los precedentes

Ronaldo trabajó en solitario


Ronaldo, con una contractura en el músculo adductor, baja para El Sardinero

Сегодня жеребьевка к 1/8 финала Лиги Чемпионов

Освобождена мать нападающего "Сантоса" Робиньо

"Реал Мадрид" - "Ювентус" в 1/8 финала!

Роналдо поработал сегодня отдельно от товарищей

Роналдо не будет играть против "Расинга" из-за травмы

Real Madrid were drawn with Juventus

Ronaldo out of Real's league match against Santander




Роберто Карлос организует благотворительный матч

Заявка Реала на матч с Осасуной

Roberto Carlos to organize fundraising match


Espanyol 0:1 Real Madrid. Full time! (Победа Капелло)

Inter bate Barcelona e leva mundial pela primeira vez

Diários espanhóis ironizam Barcelona

Com Cannavaro expulso, Real vence Espanyol no sufoco

Mundial de Clubes: Internacional 1 - Barcelona 0



La victoria de la defensa

El Real Madrid, con diez, logra frenar la racha de los periquitos

"Интернациональ" – сильнейший в мире!

Роналдо и Рууд еще раз?

«Реал» победил «Эспаньол»

AC Mian chief: Real Madrid asked too much for Ronaldo

Robinho and Reyes to start, as opposed to Ronaldo and Diarra


Real Madrid put an end to Espanyol's great patch


Ronaldo espera sofrer menos com lesões em 2008

Marta repete Ronaldo e volta a ser eleita melhor do mundo

Pelé apaga rixas e aposta em quarto título de Ronaldo

Milan atterrato, Berlusconi 'Ronaldo sembra sempre pronto poi...'

Рейтинг ФИФА

Берлускони: физически Роналдо полностью здоров

Кака стал лучшим футболистом года по версии ФИФА

Ronaldo: I Need To Deserve A New Contract

AC Milan's Ancelotti defends Club World Cup


Brasil mantém quinto lugar no ranking da Fifa

Beckham será apresentado pelo Milan no sábado

Ronaldo pedala na orla do Rio para perder peso

"En Navidad, Ronaldo puede comer lo que quiera"

Calcio: Milan, Arriva Beckham. Sabato La Presentazione

"Милан" представит Бекхэма 20 декабря

Для Роналдо разработана специальная диета

Corinthians: Ronaldo can eat whatever he likes


Sem o fenômeno em campo, amigos de Zidane e Ronaldo enfrentam Olimpiakos em amistoso | Благотворительный матч Друзья Роналдо и Зидана против легенд Олимпиакоса

Популяризация футбола — хлопотное дело

В Бразилии, Роналдо сыграет в Матче звёзд организованный Зико


Роналдо: "Надеюсь, у Неймара будет светлый день в игре против "Барселоны"



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Ronaldo: "I can score 30 goals"

Ronaldo talked to Spanish radio station Radio Marca about the offers he was made by Milan and Inter Milan this summer, adding, "Real Madrid never wanted to sell me, and that comforts me." The Brazilian striker turned 30 on Friday. He said he thinks he is capable of scoring 30 goals this season and that he is anxious to play again.

Many things were said about your possible departure from Real Madrid this summer. How did you feel at the time?
I was actually very calm about the whole thing. The sporting departments within the Club, as well as the President, didn't want to sell me, and that comforted me. Calderón was very straightforward with me from the very start. I couldn't make a decision because I am a Real Madrid player with two more years on my contract. It's exciting to see that both Inter Milan and Milan wanted me, but I nevertheless tackled the whole matter calmly and seriously. I didn't negotiate with any club. In fact, I told every club that approached me to talk directly to Real Madrid, mainly because I couldn't say anything and wanted to stay. I am very happy because it was eventually decided that I should stay.

People say that Capello is very tough, that his training sessions are very hard, that he demands players lose weight... Is this true?
Capello is a very serious, professional and capable coach. He has his own ideas and we have to respect that. He's always treated me with the utmost respect. He is very demanding with all of us, not just with me. I'm stages stages in my recovery and improving day by day. I'm steadily reaching my best physical form.

Real Madrid need you. When are you going to play again?
I'm very close to playing again. I am currently working on speed, change of direction, agility, shots on goal, ball exercises... This is the recovery stage I most like, and I feel very happy. The previous stage was very boring. I'm like cyclists; they don't like cycling in the mountains and I don't like running...

In which match do you think you'll make your comeback?
That doesn't depend on me. As always, I depend on the coach. I will play whenever he thinks I can be useful to the team.

People said the Club signed Van Nistelrooy because Capello didn't count on you, but the first thing Ruud said when he arrived at Real Madrid was the he admired you and couldn't wait to play side-by-side with you.
Capello never said or thought anything like that. That is just a silly rumour. Competition didn't scare me. Ruud and I are very compatible and can easily play well together. Capello will have to think on what he wants to do.

Let's talk about Brazil. It seems Dunga wants to bring in new players. Are you still excited with playing with your national team or are you going to turn down playing for them?
It depends on Dunga, but especially on the players. Those men who are playing well with their clubs will be called up to play for Brazil. I will not turn down playing for Brazil, but I want to earn being on their teamsheet. I want to play well in La Liga.

Do you think Barcelona will win again?
Barça are still playing very well and have a great team, but the League is going to be very long and very tough. We're going to be very competitive this year. We'll see what happens.

You bet with Ramón Calderón and your friend Roberto Carlos that you would score 30 goals this season.
Every year I bet on how many goals I will score. I'll try to score 30 this year. I think it's possible.


23.09.2006 20:04 +0400

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