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This day in history of Ronaldo


Los convocados ante el Partizán

"Реал" может забить 600-й гол в Кубке Чемпионов

Заявка на матч Лиги Чемпионов с "Партизаном"

Convocations against Partizan


Federação inglesa decide não punir Beckham

Ronaldinho tem apoio latino na eleição da FIFA


Analítica para la plantilla; recuperación para los titulares contra el Dínamo

Зико не сможет поговорить с игроками

"Ремон - хороший тренер?"

FA не будет наказывать Бекхэма

Ремон: Реальным мог быть счет 4:3

Восстановление для игроков и анализы для состава

Статистика матчей «Реал Мадрид» - «Валенсия» в Чемпионате Испании

No FA action against Beckham after Wales booking


De muleta, Ronaldo nega cirurgia e pensa no Barcelona

Ronaldinho Gaúcho diz que Ronaldo é o jogador que ele mais admira


Роналдо: «Я сделаю всё, от меня зависящее, что бы вернуться на поле к игре с Барселоной»

Роналдиньо Гаучо сказал, что Роналдо является его идолом

Кики Флорес: «Если и есть футболист, которого нам стоит опасаться, то это Роналдо»

Ronaldo downplays surgery report


Ronaldo nao podera disputar classico contra Barcelona

Ronaldo e Zidane aparecem em Asterix e Simpsons



Дерби грандов в Мадриде

Роналдо не сыграет против "Барселоны"

Массимо Моратти: "Реал" запросил за Роналдо непомерную цену

Ronaldo out of Barca clash


Milan 0:1 Empoli. Full time!

Dida pede perdão a torcedores antes de partida

Sem Kaká e Ronaldo, Milan perde para o Empoli no Italiano

Milan: incubo!

"Милан" не может победить на своём поле

Анчелотти: "Милан" играет медленно


Ronaldo: a caminho do Marrocos

Ronaldo: Rumbo a Marruecos

"Сиена" тоже заинтересована в Роналдо

Роналдо увидим на поле в Морроко

Агент Роналдо: «Не слышали об интересе со стороны «Сиены» или «Сампдории»

"Сиена": мы действительно интересуемся Роналдо

Siena offer for ex-AC Milan striker Ronaldo

Ronaldo: Road to Morocco


Фото: Роналдо. Тренировка вечерняя | Ronaldo. Treino da tarde. Foto (20/10/2009)

Фото: Роналдо. Тренировка утренняя | Ronaldo. Treino da manhã. Foto

Ronaldo vai colocar Ronald e Maria Sophia na campanha ‘Timão é a sua cara’

“Espero jogar as oito partidas que faltam”, diz camisa 9

“Надеюсь сыграть во всех восьми оставшихся матчей”, говорит "9"


Galeria de fotos: Treino da tarde. Ronaldo

Роналдо - лицо Neo Quimica


Real Ronaldo Vs Germany 2002 World Cup Final 720p


Ronaldo: "España es la tercera favorita para ganar el Mundial"

Фабио Капелло: "Роналдо был лучшим нападающим"

Роналдо: «Бразилия, Германия и Испания являются фаворитами чемпионата мира»

Роналдо: «Я делал людей счастливыми»



eXTReMe Tracker


Robinho: “Vanderlei has won many titles with this system”

He has been the sensation of the beginning of this season, as, despite the two last defeats, the Brazilian has shown he can play at Real Madrid and nobody could doubt his abilities. He defended the system of Luxemburgo and did not want to hear any talk of bad spells as the championships are only just starting. He didn’t promise goals, just to help the team to win titles.

Were you a bit disappointed with this start to the season?
I began with victory, and then later we suffered two defeats. But the season is only just starting, it’ll be difficult, but we players are prepared to get the results we want. Also there have been signings and you always notice their effect a bit after the start.

People said you’d have a bit of trouble adapting, but we have seen you at a good level.
I am used to playing, and obviously at Real Madrid the level of difficulty is the highest. That’s why I always hope to be at a good level.

There has been a lot of criticism of Luxemburgo for his system, do you feel comfortable?
To me it seems good, he’s relaxed and understands all the situations, and I’m sure we’ll end up playing well. The season is just starting and I’m sure that in the next matches we’ll do better. We are trying to do what the coach asks of us. Luxemburgo trusts in his system.

How did you feel the other day with Raúl?
He’s a good player and I get on well with him, but of course, everything needs a certain time to adapt to.

Have you noticed many differences in respect to the Brazilian defenders?
They are good, good players, but they don’t go for the ball, as you’d expect. I’m sure I won’t have any problems.

In some circles people are talking about a small crisis.
This is only just the beginning, and I think the players are prepared and capable. We have players with a lot of qualities, and now we are only focussing on the next match in order to win.

In the last few days, Luxemburgo wanted to take pressure off you, saying that Robinho didn’t play alone.
And it’s true. In this team, when we win, we win everything, and when we lose, the same.

How has this first month at Madrid been?
Very positive, I’m happy playing in this team, with so much tradition and history. I’m hoping to transmit my happiness through my playing and bring them titles.

And what do you think of the fact that Luxemburgo plays without wingers?
Vanderlei has won a lot with this system. We are only starting and in a short while we will have adapted and things will go better.

Is the team ok?
It always hurts to lose, and we also know that you can’t always win, but we are going to come out and win everywhere.

What do you think of the team?
They are excellent players, and they are here because they deserve to be. I hope to contribute with my playing.

Do you prefer to play further back, or at the front?
It depends on where the coach chooses to put me tactically, I don’t have any preference. In Brazil I was more towards the front, but if they want me further back then there’s no problem. I can adapt to any position.

Do you know anything about Espanyol?
I think they’re a good team, they are motivated about playing at home, in front of their fans, but we, despite our respect for them, are going there to win.

When Ronaldo came he said he was surprised by Guti, who grabbed your attention the most?
They’re all excellent players: Raúl, Beckham, Zidane, Casillas… and very capable of playing here.

Ronaldo bet on getting 35 goals; Robinho?
I don’t mind who scores the goals, the important thing is for the team to win.


15.09.2005 19:47 +0400

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