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This day in history of Ronaldo


El triunfo en Das Antas, en imágenes

Oporto 1:3 Real Madrid. FT

Real Madrid vira de novo e vence o Porto na Copa dos Campeőes

Brasil perde para Suécia e está eliminado da Copa feminina

El Madrid gana al Oporto 3-1

Solari permite al Madrid recrearse con su historia

Oporto 1:3 Real Madrid. FT


Reacciones de los protagonistas

Solari tira del carro

1-3: La contundencia mata al Oporto

Ronie en Oporto

Паррейра назвал состав сборной Бразилии

Почему Ривалдо передумал

Порту - Реал: перед матчем

Oporto 1:3 Real Madrid. FT

"Порто" - "Реал Мадрид" 1:3. Техническая информация

Чемпионат мира лишается Бразилии и Милене

Порту - Реал: обзор матча

Рони в Порту

Oporto 1:3 Real Madrid. FT

Real up the pace to cruise past Porto

Solari goal highlight of Real's win over Porto

Sweden 2, Brazil 1

Ronnie at Oporto


Ronaldo fará teste para saber se enfrenta La Coruńa


Рауль тренируется со всеми, Рональдо нет, Солари уже бегает. Обзор тренировки


Robinho começará na reserva contra o Mallorca

ФИФА подтвердила информацию об изменениях в календаре ЧМ

Zidane named in Real squad to play Mallorca








«Реал» - «Атлетико» - 1:1 (1:1)

«Реал» теряет очки в дерби. Чемпионат Испании, 5-й тур

Обзор матча "Реал" - "Атлетико"

Турнирная таблица

Real, Atlético draw in Madrid derby


Каладзе не поможет "Милану" в Глазго


Finalmente, Ronaldo anuncia data para sua aposentadoria

Месси вручили "Золотую бутсу"

Роналдо объявил о примерной дате окончания своей карьеры


Сборная Бразилии по футболу выиграла в товарищеском матче у аргентинцев

Ромарио назвал себя вторым после Пеле


Роналдо на мануфактуре Hublot


Правила жизни. Франческо Тотти



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Real Madrid opens things up under Luxemburgo

From Galacticos to the Selecao, when Real Madrid president Florentino Perez changes his mind, he, as the saying goes, really changes his mind.

A few years ago, when he was deep into his "Galactico" philosophy, it was all very simple. Perez didn't need any input from his manager or sporting director. He just went out and bought the best possible player, year after year, and worried about how it would all fit together later.

And so, one by one, they all moved to Madrid. Luis Figo, then Zinedine Zidane, then Ronaldo, then David Beckham, then, well Michael Owen (who perhaps wasn't quite a Galactico but nevertheless was a former European Footballer of the Year). The idea was simple: superstars won trophies, and, if you had enough of them, you were going to win. Worrying about silly things like managers or tactics or a supporting cast was just a waste of time.

Then, last fall, Perez looked around and began to take stock. Maybe his policy was not so clever after all. Since the president's arrival in the summer of 2000, Real had won two Liga titles and one Champions' League. Not necessarily the return you'd expect when you've spent more than $300 million over four-and-a-half years.

So Perez changed direction. Radically. Instead of the low-profile company men who had been managing Real, he brought in Brazilian coaching legend Vanderlei Luxemburgo, a man so confident he makes Chelsea's Jose Mourinho seem unsure of himself.

This summer Luxemburgo's vision is slowly coming together. The result is a Real Madrid which looks like the Brazilian national team. Not the recent world champion, mind you, but some kind of uber-offensive Brazilian samba experiment from the '60s.

For starters, Luxemburgo's team features no wingers. Or, rather, there are wingers, but they're masquerading as fullbacks. Roberto Carlos, 32, and Michel Salgado, 30 in October, will provide all the offensive width in what amounts to a 4-2-2-2 formation. Both are phenomenal attacking fullbacks, but one has to wonder just how well they can cover the entire flank on their own, particularly at their ages.

The "wingless" style (which, incidentally, is part of the reason why Figo and Santiago Solari were dispatched) is aimed at maximizing freedom to the front four, which is likely to consist of some combination of Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Julio Baptista and Robinho (as soon as he signs). By having four uber-gifted front men who are free to move and create as they please, Real will continually befuddle opponents -- or so goes the theory.

When it works -- if it works -- it will be a sight to behold. However, defensively, it puts a huge burden on the back four and on the two holding midfielders, who are likely to be Beckham and either Pablo Garcia or Thomas Gravesen. Bear in mind that Beckham has been far less productive playing centrally than in his familiar wide right role, which will likely be manned by River Plate-signee Diogo, another right wingback (who at least will give Michel Salgado an occasional breather).

Despite the changes, Real's central defense remains a sore issue. Walter Samuel was a bust at Real and is now at Inter. Jonathan Woodgate is injured (nothing new there). All of which means that unless another defender materializes right away, Ivan Helguera (who also isn't getting any younger) will be partnered with either Mejia, Francisco Pavon, Ruben or Raul Bravo ... none of whom is Real Madrid material, certainly not in the starting XI.

For his part, Luxemburgo doesn't appear to be concerned. After all, Brazil won the Confederations Cup and the World Cup with Roque Junior in central defense, which says a lot. But wining a knock out competition over seven games is one thing, winning La Liga or the Champions League is quite another. Brazil also has quality natural holding midfielders (Emerson, Gilberto Silva, etc.), which Real does not have. And while Brazil did have aging attacking fullbacks at the World Cup (Cafu and Roberto Carlos) (much like Real), Brazil also played with three central defenders (unlike Real).

It's going to be very interesting to see how Luxemburgo makes it all fit together. Another $60 odd million has been spent this summer and, when the dust settles (and Owen leaves) it remains be to seen whether Real will be any better than last season.

Extra Time

Speaking of Owen, why won't anyone sign him? Does he have body odor? What is it? Owen is 25-years-old and has averaged nearly 17 league goals a season over the past eight years. Real has put him up for sale (fair enough, he's fourth-choice at the Bernabeu) but it's puzzling that nobody has pounced. Owen is making around $7 million a year, but his transfer price is likely to be reasonable (in the $10 million to $15 million range). Perhaps the slow market is a result of the reputation Owen has developed as a pure goal-scorer who is somewhat one-dimensional. These days, banging it into the back of the net clearly isn't enough for some people. ... Juventus is very proud of its show-piece central midfield of Emerson and Patrick Vieira, two of the best holding midfielders in the world. But are they so good, they may not want to do the grunt work? Lost in all the excitement over their signings is the fact that each played alongside guys last year who did the dirty work (Manuele Blasi at Juve, Gilberto Silva at Arsenal). Now, they're going to have to take turns doing it. Whether they can (or even want to) roll up their sleeves, so to speak, at their age and with a World Cup on the horizon remains to be seen. We expect the unspectacular Giuliano Giannichedda to get plenty of playing time. ... So now Rio Ferdinand is being booed by Manchester United fans, unhappy that he is holding out for a Ј11 million a year contract, rather than the Ј9.5 million offered by the club. What does he expect? No defender in the world makes that much money, not even those who are better than Ferdinand (Alessandro Nesta) or those who have had more recent success (John Terry, Jamie Carragher). Time for a reality check. Unless, of course, it's all just a ploy to force the club to sell him. In which case, you can understand why the fans are booing.


Manchester United still hasn't added any players to their aging midfield (with the exception of Park Ji-Sung, who's likely to be deployed on the left). Do you think it has a realistic chance of regaining the Premiership title? Who do you think would be an ideal signing for their center-midfield position?
-- Andy, Farmington, England

United has an outside chance, although I think it will take something bad happening to Chelsea and/or Arsenal for Sir Alex Ferguson to notch another title. Park Ji-Sung will be a boost, if he settles. Like you, I'm surprised that United has not boosted the midfield, given Roy Keane's age (and injuries), not to mention the fact that Paul Scholes is also getting on in years. I know Ferguson likes Darren Fletcher a lot, but to me that area of the pitch still requires strengthening. Personally, I would have gone for Mickael Essien (to make an instant impact) or, thinking longer term, Javier Mascherano, a guy with seemingly unlimited potential.


05.08.2005 07:29 +0400

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