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This day in history of Ronaldo




Colleccion "Carnava en Rio 2003"

Fotos del album familiar de Ronaldo

Fotos del album de Ronaldo

Otras fotos del album familiar de Ronaldo


Michael Schumacher, estrella de partido exhibición en Portugal

Colleccion "Carnava en Rio 2003"

Fotos del album familiar de Ronaldo

Fotos del album de Ronaldo

Otras fotos del album familiar de Ronaldo

Бразильцы - чемпионы мира не только в футболе

"ПСЖ" и "МЮ" не смогли договориться о переходе Роналдиньо

Футболистам запретили снимать майки после забитого мяча

Шумахер играл в Португалии вместе с Роналдо и против Роналдо

Коллекция "Карнавал Рио 2003"

Еще немного истории в фотках

Фото альбома Роналдо

Другие фотки альбома Роналдо  (2002)

Colleccion "Carnava en Rio 2003"

Fotos del album familiar de Ronaldo

Fotos del album de Ronaldo

Otras fotos del album familiar de Ronaldo


I would want the champion of Euro2004 to become...?

Greece is the Champion!

Deco vai jogar no Barcelona

Roberto Carlos visita autódromo Nélson Piquet

Figo: "Cambio ganar esta Eurocopa por todos lo títulos logrados"

Previa Euro 2004: Portugal - Grecia

Из Мадрида в Милан

УЕФА одобрил правила о легионерах

Луиш Фиго ставит новые и новые рекорды

Сборная Греции не сможет сыграть с Португалией в сильнейшем составе

Луис Фелипе Сколари: "Шансы Португалии и Греции - 50 на 50"

Greeks eye one more upset at Euro 2004

Euro-Ronaldo heads thriving youth club

Portugal gears up for Euro 2004 final against Greece

Portugal have the edge for double first final

Preview: Portugal-Greece


Gallery: Ronaldo at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Sem Robinho, Santos não marca e empata com o Juventude

Ronaldo chega à marca de 400 gols na carreira

Ronaldinho assiste a desfile da Rosa Chá ao lado de Álvaro Garnero e Caroline Bittencourt




"Реал" предложил за Джеррарда 20 млн

Дальняя дорога

Роналдо забил уже свой 400-й гол

Роналдо посетил вчера показ моды от Rosa Chá, вместе с Álvaro Garnero и Caroline Bittencourt


Сборную Бразилии встретили на родине свистом и оскорблениями

Роберто Карлос уходит, Роналдо остается

Самое позорное выступление сборной Бразилии за последние 40 лет


Foto: Ronaldo, Grand Natal Golf

Copa America - Brazil 1-0 Ecuador. Full time! Brazil in 1/4!

Fotos: Ronaldo curte praia com filho (Фото: Роналдо со своим ребенком развлекаются на пляже в Рио)

Brasil pega o Equador com Robinho e a esperança de melhorar

Ronaldo curte praia com filho e aproveita para treinar

Solta o funk, Ronaldo

Solta o funk, Ronaldo


Ronaldo se entrena en playa carioca con su hijo

Робиньо: "Я играю на высоком уровне"

Чемпионат мира до 20 лет: Бразилия одержала первую победу, Аргентина разгромила Панаму

Бразилия держит марку


Ronaldo perde R$ 28 mil por dia fora do Milan, diz Mônica Bergamo

Ronaldo e Bia Anthony estréiam novo apartamento

Бразильцы сыграют с итальянцами и португальцами

Фото: Роналдо на Ибице

Галлиани готов дать Роналдо еще один шанс

Роналдо зовут в Россию


Tumulto marca desembarque da seleção brasileira no Rio de Janeiro

Dunga é eleito o vilão maior do fracasso da seleção brasileira na Copa

A um gol de Ronaldo, Klose terá dois jogos para fazer história na Copa do Mundo

Mano vira primeira opcao

A saga de Dunga e Maradona, os Quixotes da bola

CBF demite Dunga e toda a comissão técnica da seleção brasileira

Parreira compara 2006 a 2010 e critica descontrole da seleção do Dunga

Jogadores relutam em decretar fim do ciclo na seleção brasileira

Comissão técnica da Seleção Brasileira está destituída

Runco, el médico de Brasil: "Kaká jugó al 85 por ciento"

Felipe Melo salió escoltado del aeropuerto

La CBF destituye a Dunga tras la eliminación de Brasil en el Mundial

 Бразилия всплакнула и успокоилась

Кака провалил чемпионат мира по футболу из-за плохой формы

Клозе побеспокоился о нервах Роналдо

Дунгу сняли с поста тренера сборной Бразилии по футболу


Уникальный скромняга

Бразильский «Коринтианс» выиграл Копа Либертадорес



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1-3: A sweet farewell

Owen, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo sealed the last triumph of the season in a game where there was nothing to play for, and both Zaragoza and Real Madrid made the last goodbye of the season a thrillling one. Despite the tie achieved by Óscar, Luxemburgo´s players always controlled the game easily, and could even increase their goal numbers. It will be on the 8th of July when the team will once again prepare to fight again when the team will return to prepare to fight anew for the League title.

A new footballing exercise is over, and they did it at La Romareda with two teams which were only playing for honour. For Madrid, Beckham who was out, sanctioned, and his place was filled by Celades, who in this way finished his time in a white shirt, and with the return of Helguera replacing Pavón. Luxemburgo wanted to conclude the League with their tenth undefeated match. Meanwhile, Zaragoza were calm on their side of the table, and were only left with the objective of trying to reach eighth place. Everybody wanted to dedicate the game to the recently retired goalie, César Lainez, who felt the affection of the fans at the end of the match.

There were no tactical variations compared to previous matches, Madrid waited to comand their rival, and waited patiently for a counter attack to combine Owen and Ronaldo who were up against five players of Víctor Muñoz´s squad, while their companions attacked. Despite the local dominance, their hardest attacks were provoked by loose balls, where the good lineup of Helguera, Zidane and Gravesen disrupted any worry for Casillas. With Míchel Salgado enjoying himself alone on the right wing, the control of the game was for Raúl and Zidane. The Frenchman, more active than in previous games, would be a star later on.

Deserved draws
When they got past the wall formed by Cani and Movilla they found space to connect with the forwards, and to look for chances, as they did in Seville 15 days ago. In a similar play, the number 5 shot from thirty metres, Luis García didn´t manage to control the ball, and Owen, always lying in wait, opened up the scoreboard (min.24). In their first swipe, Real Madrid had hit the bullseye. Zaragoza were suffering, but kept on with their plan, with Galletti and Savio coming in from the wings, and Óscar forming the link in the middle and Villa, who until that moment had not been seen. Just on the cusp of the halftime, the connection bore fruit and Óscar made the equalizer (43´) which reflected the even nature of the game in the first half and which ended with no upsets in either area.

Figo comes on, Roberto Carlos scores
With the hug between Savio, ex -Madrid player, and Roberto Carlos, and the exchange of Figo for Owen, the last forty five minutes of the season began. Tactically there were no major changes as the Portuguese came in from the right and the centre also. With greater ball possession, Madrid´s players pushed the pressure of the game higher to say goodbye to the footballing year with a victory. And rapidly they put themselves up (53rd minute). A bolt by Roberto Carlos, supported by Zidane, and continued by Raúl, and ended by the Brazilian reached the objective set by Luxemburgo.

On the side various variations were being cooked up. Guti and Solari increased the pace of their warming up and the coach would soon need them, while Figo was on the point of getting the third, but Luis García blocked this chance. Zidane went off to an ovation from La Romareda, replaced by the Argentinian, while the number 14 substituted the do-it-all man, Raúl, also praised by the local fans. Now the landscape really did change. Ronaldo went to the right, Solari came in on the left, and Guti and Figo looked for the finisher and looked for space. For Zaragoza, only Savio and Cani rebelled against a defeat which was about to be greater. If Luis García had failed in the first goal for the visitors, his actions became decisive to not let in more.

Víctor Muñoz put his men into attack, even at the risk of leaving his defence open. First with Camacho, and later with Cuartero and Piti. But time was running out and victory was going to the visitors side, who expertly managed the final minutes. Eighth victory in the last ten matches which serves to say farewell with a good taste in their mouths at the end of the season. The campaign of 2005-06 will start again on the eihgth of July.


29.05.2005 08:06 +0400

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