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This day in history of Ronaldo


La Liga. Matchday № 8

La Liga. Matchday № 8

Beckham desfalcará o Real Madrid contra o Zaragoza

Real enfrenta o Zaragoza em busca da 4a. vitória seguida

Queiroz: "Para el Zaragoza es el partido del año, para nosotros uno de los tres de la semana"

El destino llevó a Raúl a Zaragoza nueve años después

Бэкхем не полетит в Сарагосу. Заявка на игру


Sócrates jogará partida de exibiçăo por time amador inglęs

Ronaldo agradece

Ronaldinho buscará cidadania espanhola


Ronaldo agradece el trofeo 'Pichichi': "Es un premio al trabajo duro de todo un año"

Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos y Salgado se incorporaron a los entrenamientos

"Челси" купит Робиньо, и отдаст его обратно в аренду

ФИФА занялась подготовкой арбитров

Роналдо благодарит за "Пичичи": "Этот титул - признание, за тяжелую работу в прошлом году"

"Леганес" - "Реал Мадрид" 1:2. Статистика и отчёт о матче

Роналдо вернулся к тренировкам

Роналдо станет испанцем к следующему сезону

Brazil legend Socrates set for unlikely comeback

Holders Zaragoza, Barcelona, Valencia exit Cup

Brazil drop Alex, no place for Rivaldo

Brazil squad for World Cup qualifier v Ecuador


Ronaldo chega a Madri após recuperação no Brasil

Parreira convoca Fred e Edmílson para amistosos


Ronaldo inicia su pauta de rehabilitación en la Ciudad del Fútbol

Роналдо начинает приступил к финальной этапе восстановления

Ronaldo out, Edmilson returns for Brazil


Ronaldo vuelve tras su sanción

"Россанери" или "нерадззури" выберет Роналдо?

Растяжение мышцы не позволило Бекхэму полететь с командой в Таррагону


Джилардино: "Мы привыкли к давлению со стороны СМИ"

Анонс матча 9-ого тура ”Милан” - ”Рома”

Инспекторы FIFA одобрили Бразилию

Тотти не сыграет с "Миланом"


Campanha "FICA RONALDO". Participe!!! Акция !"Оставайся Роналдо (во Фламенго) стартовала!". Участвуйте!

Em 2 dias, site "Fica Ronaldo" teve 35 mil acessos

Ronaldo's dream


Corinthians parabeniza o Presidente Lula pelo seu aniversário

Драка бразильских футбольных болельщиков: сотни участников и перестрелка

Тур шикарных дерби


Participe do Leilão Time do Povo!

Galerias de Fotos: 26/10 - Treino da tarde. | Роналдо на тренировке 26 числа

Galerias de Fotos: República Popular do Corinthians | Изображения Народной Республики Коринтианса

Flamengo 1-1 Corinthians. Ronaldo's goal! Full time!

Ronaldo, do Corinthians: `Deixamos de conquistar dois pontos` - Роналдо "Мы могли заработать еще два очка"

Video: Ronaldo marca gol, mas Corinthians não derrota o Flamengo | Роналдо забивает гол, но Коринтианс не выиграл

Video: Gol do Corinthians! Ronaldo recebe na área e marca, aos 30 do 1º tempo | Роналдо забивает гол

Fotos: Ronaldo en el Vestiário antes de Flamengo x Corinthians | Роналдо в раздевалке до матча с Фламенго

Fotos: Ronaldo vs Flamengo x Corinthians | Роналдо против Фламенго

Luxemburgo revê o amigo Ronaldo

Flamengo empata com o Corinthians no Engenhão

No Rio de Janeiro, Timão fica no empate com o Flamengo

Ronaldo: "O campeonato está aberto"

Роналдо: "Чемпионат по прежнему открыт"

Чемпионат Бразилии. 32-й тур. «Коринтианс» и «Фламенго» сыграли вничью, «Флуминенсе» обыграл «Гремио» и другие матчи


Роналдо: Секс перед матчем футболу не помеха



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Espanyol 1-0 Real Madrid: FT Report

MADRID, September 20 (Primera Liga) - Just three games into the Primera Liga season and Real Madrid have a new coach with little experience at the top level, a squad of underachieving players and the problem of what to do with Jose Antonio Camacho.

Camacho's resignation as coach was accepted by president Florentino Perez on Monday morning although, according to Perez, he will remain at the club in an as-yet undecided position.

The coaching role has gone to Mariano Garcia Remon, one of Camacho's assistants, although he seemed less than enamoured to be placed in charge of a dressing room full of dominant multi-millionaires, whose lack of commitment in recent weeks undoubtedly led to Camacho's decision to walk.

At his unveiling, Remon said: ``It's a sad day for me because it means the end of a job that was well done that hasn't been rewarded on the pitch.

``I'm here for two reasons: that Camacho asked me and that Real Madrid and their president asked me.

``Only in that order would I have accepted the job. It's not the way I wanted to arrive.''

Madrid have yet to clarify whether Remon has taken over on a temporary or full time basis but, either way, it is a tough role for a man whose previous coaching experience has come at Sporting Gijon, Salamanca and Numancia.

His first task is to get the players on side as well as a notoriously fickle Bernabeu crowd.

Remon takes charge for the game with Osasuna on Tuesday night as Madrid look to bounce back from two defeats in the past week.

They went down 1-0 to Espanyol at the weekend - and finished the game in total disarray following the dismissals of Walter Samuel and Michel Salgado - but the real damage, in Camacho's eyes, was done against Bayer Leverkusen last Wednesday night.

Madrid were thrashed 3-0 by the Germans in their Champions League encounter although the margin of defeat could have been a lot greater such was the visitors' sluggish performance.

Suggestions that Camacho was unhappy with the attitude of the club's so-called `galacticos' also seemed to gather pace at the BayArena.

At 3-0 down, he hauled off Luis Figo and Ronaldo and then left out Raul and David Beckham for the trip to Espanyol three days later.

Camacho, who also spent a 23-day spell in charge of the club he served with such distinction as a player in the summer of 1998, hinted at a lack of support from the dressing room when announcing his departure.

He praised the club's directors and president for their backing but made no mention of the players.

He said: ``The performance of the team has not been good enough and I don't think it will improve. I have a way of working which I don't see reflected on the pitch.

``I saw this and I told the president I didn't think I could change it in the near future and the best thing was for me to leave now.

``I have had the support of the directors and the president all the time but it hasn't worked. As I see it, I can't get the best out of the club - the best thing is to leave now.''

It is thought there was a clash of egos and Camacho's renown stubborn streak was always going to be the reason behind his downfall.

What he does now is not certain.

Perez is adamant Camacho, who took over for a second time in May from the sacked Carlos Queiroz, will stay at the Bernabeu but the former Spain coach is a proud man and is unlikely to accept a role too far from the limelight.

Explaining the decision to appoint Remon, Perez insists it was important for the club to try and retain a degree of continuity.

He said: ``We (the Real Madrid board of directors) have decided to give our confidence as coach to a club man who is recognised as part of the Madrid culture, who will ensure the continuity of the work carried out.

``We want to give a message of confidence and calm and we will all work together to achieve our aim for this season.

``The directors strongly believe that great clubs should react with normality in the face of problems because the institution is always the most important thing.''

Match Stats:

Espanyol 1 x 0 Real Madrid

Carlos Kameni
de la Cruz David Garcia
Hugo Ibarra
Alberto Lopo
Mauricio Pochettino
Ivan De la Pena
Antonio Ito
Rodriguez Maxi
Garcia Dani
Oscar Serrano
Raul Tamudo

Real Madrid:
Iker Casillas
Roberto Carlos
Francisco Pavon
Michel Salgado
Walter Samuel
Albert Celades
Ivan Helguera
Torres Juanfran
Santiago Solari
Michael Owen
Luiz Ronaldo

Venue: Montjuic Stadium

Date: 09/18/2004

Attendance: 39,500

Referee: Vicente Lizondo Cortes

Yellow Cards: Mauricio Pochettino (26), Raul Tamudo (88), Ivan De la Pena (90) - Espanyol; Walter Samuel (30), Ivan Helguera (45), Jose Maria Guti (51), Roberto Carlos (67), Iker Casillas (90) - Real Madrid

Red Cards: Walter Samuel (74), Michel Salgado (90) - Real Madrid

Goal: Rodriguez Maxi (42) - Espanyol

25.09.2004 19:42 +0400
ESPNSoccernet.com / PA

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